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Unlike many companies, Avizzio is a family run business. When you deal with us, you are dealing with the owners. We put a premium on relationships and we aim to make our customers feel special with every interaction.

Avizzio knows that we are only as good as our last sale. We know how hard it is to get and keep customers. We stand behind all our products and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy.
Marketing some unique products, Avizzio Inc. is no "ME TOO" company. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting products from around the world to add to our product offering so as to provide our customers with NEW products to sell to their customers and NEW opportunities to make money.
We run regular promotions providing our resellers with EVEN BETTER pricing to help them make more sales or profits.
To further aid our resellers in marketing our products, we provide them with extra discounts if they invest in showroom and sales samples.
You can always trust Avizzio as we deal ONLY with resellers so will be there with you to help you make a sale rather than steal a sale from you.
Test our products and services and experience our unique product lines.
Give us an opportunity to earn your business.


Incorporated in 2006, Avizzio Inc. is a family run B2B company that "partners" with its dealers and distributors across Canada and the USA to achieve greater levels of success and growth in their businesses.


Martin Friedman is the President of Avizzio Inc. and brings extensive international business expertise to the family business. He has over 30 year’s experience in the Exhibit, Display, Sign and Promotional Products industries.

Martin understands what it takes to run a successful wholesale company, having worked extensively with franchisers, dealers and distributors in many industries both in Canada and South Africa, and helping them increase their SALES and PROFITS.

Having been the President of a publicly traded company which he turned from making a loss to one making a profit, tough times and tough decisions are NO stranger to him.

In South Africa, as VP Sales & Marketing with an office furniture manufacturer, the company won 2nd Place for BEST BOOTH DESIGN in the trade show they participated in.

Martin has written a booklet titled, ”How To Make Money At Exhibitions”, sharing his expertise with regards to sales and marketing, particularly pertaining to the exhibit, display, sign and promotional products industries.

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